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Storex, The New Age Retail Analytics

Retail runs on analytics. It is critical to know customers for successful retail execution. However very limited data captured about the true potential of stores.
StoreX is the most advanced retail analytics system based on artificial intelligence infrastructure. Using Entegria’s state of the art image processing framework VisionX’s, it detects all demographics around the store.


DSignX is an ``Attention Capture system`` for ``Digital Signage Systems`` that identifies audience demographics and their attention time in front of the digital screens.

It is a very important addon for any Digital Signage System. By attaching a camera to digital screens, DSignX identifies the audience in front of the digital screen. The artificial intelligence based attention capture system measures the total attention time...


VisionX is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence based computer vision framework.
Its main objective is to detect objects, events and moods from any camera or image source.

With its 149 layers and 208 milyon parameters, it can precisely detect any pretrained object from any image source.

Ready For Many Sector...


Main Features

StoreX is an artificial intelligence based retail analytics platform.

People Counting

By specifying any number of borders, you can start counting entrance to your stores with very high accuracy of 95%. Install cameras, and StoreX System, you can count any entrance, traffic of specific region in the store or out of the store. No limit for borders.



Face Recognition

Storex does face recognition for the people whose faces are visible to the camera with an accuracy of 90%. It is possible to use this feature in order to recognize store staff and measure the performance of compliance to shifts. Visit data can also be used for shift optimization as well.


Gender Detection

Storex detects genders with a very high accuracy rate of 90% even at distant positions. Gender information is critical for retail analytics. It is possible to allocate and distribute stocks specifically for every store. This will avoid stock-outs...



Group Detection

Storex detects the groups inside the crowd with very high accuracy of 90%. Checks and relates every person in the consecutive frames and calculates the group type for better conversion calculations


Age and Age Group Prediction

Storex captures faces and predicts age and age groups for multiple frames and come up with the highest age prediction of 85%. Age accuracy depends on resolution of the image. Based on age and gender, it is possible to segment not only your customers; but also your visitors. This will help you to make customized campaigns for different stores.



Attention Detection

Storex detects the attention time of every person in the images in order to understand their interest in products, specific store regions or store windows with 90% accuracy rate. This feature can be used for active campaign management. Detecting the demographics of the audience in front of in-store screens, it is possible to play the relevant campaign media. Storex not only reports the demographics but also measures the total attention time with gender and age split. This will help retailers to measure the performance of the campaigns.


Facial Features and Accessories

Not only age and gender, but Storex also detect mood and accessories of the persons in the images. Storex detects the head direction of the person in each frame and it calculates mood and facial features together with accessories if and only if the person is clearly visible



Unique Customer Counting and Visit Frequencies

StoreX calculates face vectors for every entrant into stores. This information is not only used to distinguish store staff from visitors but also to identify the number of visits of the relevant person. This will help to calculate unique visits and visit frequencies and serve customized campaigns to the potential customers.


Features Summary

StoreX has many unique and powerful features.

Rich Featureset

Storex apart from people counting also detects age, age goups, gender, attention, mood and accessories.


Artificial Intelligence based image processing. Focusing multiple objects simultaneously.

Process Power

StoreX has parallel processing capabilities
which makes it very fast and cost efficient in image recognition.

Powerful Reporting System

Multi dimensional reporting system.
Select and analyze any store, any gender, any age group for multiple time frames.

Web Service Support

Import and export data from reporting system via secure web services.

Any Camera

No special camera brand required. Any ip camera with 2MPS resolution, RTSP and backlight support is enough.

Any OS

Storex works on all operating systems.

Video Proof for Events

Possible to get the video proof of events if needed.


You can find below screenshots of StoreX and reporting system.

About Entegria

Entegria is an artificial intelligence company that builds deep learning based AI solutions for the retail sector.
Also, develops systems and apps to analyze the internal and external business environment and reveal the critical strategic data points for the business in order to grow in terms of profit and sales.

AI expertise is mainly in the following areas:

  • Computer Vision – Object, action and emotion recognition
  • Natural Language Processing: Conversation Management, Sound Recognition, Text processing that Attention based systems – Text processing
  • Time Series Based Predictions: AI for finance and AI for engineering
  • Data Analysis: Classification, clustering, principal component analysis

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